Saturday, 11 April 2015

My Little Dream :)

Wow!!The girl on the stage looks so pretty in that gown. Look at the amazing crowd cheering for her. Click!! click!! Click!! Oh God, so many cameras, she is lucky. I think I have seen those people somewhere who are constantly shouting and clapping. Hey, they are my friends. What!!!! What are my relatives doing here ??!! Where is my mom ? Yes, i got her !! She is looking so pretty in her red saree. She is so happy today but why are those tears rolling from her eyes?? I cant find myself anywhere !!! Where am I ??? Let me hear what my friends are screaming and hurting their throats....... "Maggi, Maggi Maggiiiiiii". Hey!! you know my friends call me by the same name. 
Wait!!!! Did they just call my name?? Hold on, who is that girl standing on the stage. Let me zoom my view.... Oh My God !!! Oh My !!! That's me !!! I look so stunning and happy today.... Wow! Not bad that trophy goes hand in hand with the colour of my white gown .... Make-up credits to my mom!! Look there , I am constantly posing for the cameras with a wide smile ....  after-all, I have brushed all day before to get that colgate tooth. " Ooopss, Step down slowly and gracefully Meghu because you are the star now. You proved it. Come on you can do it. Go shine in front of those cameras." I tell this to myself but why??

Awwww... I see myself getting down from the stage and leading towards the awaiting medias to answer their questions questions questionsssss !!!

"Mam, Mam, Mam .... can I know how you did this at such a young age? Was this your dream project? How do you feel today ? Who are you inspired by ......... ". That is just the dream I wanted to fulfill, I wanted to help the needy and spread this thought to the people all around India and I see it fulfilled today !!!
Ohhh Ooops let me hear what I answer those waiting mics.... There I go " It was one of my greatest dreams when I saw my mom helping the poor and needy children in the road that day. It was one of my greatest dreams when I saw my mom so happy as never before with the kids in the ashram. It was one of my greatest dreams when i saw my mom struggling all her life alone and stand as a Proud women, Mother and Indian in the society. People recognize her today and give her lots of love. And that's what I also wished for. She is beautiful by heart and by her looks. She is all for me. So I indeed say the inspirational person in my life is .........." Ouch , Ouch .... five more minutes please, Oh ok i will open my eyes .... There I see my inspirational person in front of my eyes, its my Mom!! " Good Morning Mamma " I said and told her what I saw in my dream. She was very happy and said " There is a time in each human being's life appointed to make his happiness if then he seize it. So don't waste each and every opportunity in your life. May be they can bring you the best happiness in your life. Now get up my sweet girl " ....... Alas!!! That is why she is called a Mother. I hope this dream comes true with all her support and blessings. 

 “If you can dream it, you can do it.” – Walt Disney

- Meghana 
*pic courtesy : Googleshwari 


  1. All the very best .... May all your dreams come true my child :)))

  2. Just wow!! I was carried along with the narration, into your dream world, as one among the audience.. :)
    And, last few lines.. Mom <3 .. Speechless..!
    I think I see Roopakka's reflection in you Meghu.. :)
    All D Very Best Dear!
    Yes! Follow your Dreams! Catch 'em up!! :)

    1. Awwww..... so sweet of you di :D Thank u :D

  3. Dreams will appear when we inked so many of thoughts in the reams of our heart..
    What a wonderful way to continue the eternal rainbow link..

    I always believe in that ink..and you dream..and dream will ink in to the reality...super super Meghana...continue...

    you can rock the blog world..and realise all your dreams..coz..the power of our universe Magical Mother standing next to you!!!